Friday, May 22, 2020 at 10:28 AM
CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES!!!!! Many blessings as you continue your life journey guided by the Advocate!
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2020 Graduates

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR GRADUATES AND THOSE BEING PROMOTED FROM 8TH GRADE!!!  We also hold in prayer all of those being promoted from other grade levels as well.  You traveled a long and difficult roads to get here!!!  Keep moving forward with the guidance of the Holy Spirit in your lives.

                                                 Educational Level        School

Autumn Shirley                                   8                        SMIS

Esperanza Slim                                   8                        WR

Cole Frame                                         12                      WR

Michael Joe                                        12                      SMIS

Deidra Taliman                                   12                       WR

Vikora Upshaw                                    12                      WR

Colby Yazzie                                        12                      SMIS

Dalton Jim Shirley                            College                Fort Lewis