2022 Graduates

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR GRADUATES AND THOSE BEING PROMOTED FROM 8TH GRADE!!!  We also hold in prayer all of those being promoted from other grade levels as well.  You traveled a long and difficult roads to get here!!!  Keep moving forward with the guidance of the Holy Spirit in your lives.

                                                 Educational Level      

Alex James Patten-Boyd           8

Ely Dokey                           8

Jaevin Nash                         8

Teyan Owens                        8

Logan Watchman                     8

Kairi Ashley                        12

Talia Bedoy                         12

Tayan Benson                       12

Celine Hardy                        12

Morgan Honanhi                     12

Rayanna Jesus                      12

Xavier Mike                         12

Meredith Mitchell                    12      

Carol M. Seanez                   College

Ronald Slinkey                      College 

Wade Hadley-Campbell                   College